Boho Style // Part I

I have split “boho” into nine different sub-genres.  Here in Part I, I include examples and elements of the first five and tomorrow I will show the other four as well as a short summary.


1// Vintage

Vintage Boho looks like it came straight from the page of a ’70s fashion magazine.  The textures and shapes are key to this look.

maxi dresses // long, messy hair // leather // high waisted denim // flare legs and bellbottoms // vests // bell sleeves


2// Beachy

Beachy Boho reminds you of what a lot of women pack for their Summer vacation.  This look is light and breezy, perfect for a day on the beach or a night sipping cool drinks.  The light colors and relaxed fit are key to this look.

white // crochet // pastels // sandals // sun hats // sea spray hair // loose fit  


3// Edgy

Stevie Nicks is the queen of Edgy Boho.  This look is a little bit hippie and a little bit rock and roll.  Dark colors and mystical details are key to this look.

rock tees // velvet // black leather // dark lace // crystals // creative layering // bold accessories


4// Hipster

Hipster Boho is the style that combines “boho” looks with other types of style.  It might have elements from different decades, like a ’90s floral print on a loose fitting pant.  Looking eclectic and having creativity to mix styles is key to this look.

thrifted items // whimsical patterns // unique accessories // creative pattern and texture mixing


5// Country

Country Boho is a look you might expect to see on the streets of Nashville.  This style takes boho elements and gives them a southern flair.  Cowboy boots and a feminine bent are key to this style.

cowboy boots // metals // large belts // feminine details // cowgirl hats // tee shirts // denim

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of the boho styles.

To be continued…  Part II

**The images I used to make the composites were all found on Pinterest.  In most instances, the links were no longer working so I didn’t link each one.


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