Boho Style // Part II

Yesterday, I shared Part I of my Boho Style Guide.  It included five of my nine sub-genres of boho style.  Today, I will share the final four and their elements.


6// Preppy

Preppy Boho usually pops up in the Spring and Summer when women whose style is not usually boho try to incorporate the trend.  Bright colors and adding trendy elements are the key to this style.

bright colors // polished accessories // finished hair // girly prints // trendy elements


7// Desert

Desert Boho is the bohemian look with a southwestern flair.  While it is similar in some ways to Country Boho, it sets itself apart with turquoise accessories and southwestern prints.

boots // denim // southwestern prints // Native American icons // turquoise jewelry // leather  belts and bags // beaded accents // blanket cardigans


8// Folk or Tribal

Folk or Tribal Boho style has a distinctly ethnic feel to it.  This style can span nationalities- sometimes having Scandinavian details, African prints, or the fabric of an Indian sari.  Bold colors or patterns and a hand-crafted feel are key to this style.

ethnic patterns // leather vests // fur // bold trims // embroidery // unique shapes


9// Modern

Modern Boho is an approachable subset of boho style.  This look incorporate boho elements and accessories but embraces modern cuts and shapes.  A casual yet polished feel is key to this look.

modern denim // kimonos // boho accessories // booties // layered necklaces // plain t-shirts // printed blouses // floppy hats // messy but finished hair

That completes my list of types of boho style.  You may have noticed that I left two types of boho style off this list.  I did not make a composite image for the more “hippie” side of boho.  I did not explore this type of style because doesn’t show up a lot when you search for boho looks, but I definitely see it out there.  I also did not include a category titled “boho chic.”  Mostly, this is because I don’t really think there is a style that is “boho chic.”  All of these styles come up when you search those terms.  Mostly, I think chic is usually just a catchall term for looking put-together or even sometimes for looking expensive.  All of these sub-styles have the capability of looking “chic.”

After categorizing the looks that I found, I’ve decided that my desired style probably most lines up with Modern Boho.  I can also see myself branching out into Preppy or Vintage from time to time.  My life outside of work mostly requires casual attire.  However, since I am also professional and soon to be in my 30s, I still want to look put-together when I’m out of the house.  I think Modern Boho is perfect without requiring a lot of work and still allowing some fun and creativity.

Do you think all of these style are distinct enough to stand on there own?  Which style fits you the best?

**The images I used to make the composites were all found on Pinterest. In most instances, the links were no longer working so I didn’t link each one.


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