2016 Moments of Gratitude

Another year has come to an end.  I know 2016 was an emotional and stressful year for a lot of people.  For me, 2016 was the best year yet!  I have had so much to be grateful for…


This year I married the love of my life.  I never thought I would find someone who would encourage me to be my best self and accept me as I am.  I love everything about this man and feel so lucky to share my life with him.


I graduated with my second degree and began a new career.  It took hard work, but this year I began a new chapter in my work life.  I finally look forward to work each day and feel a sense of purpose.


We honeymooned in Colorado.  We travel a lot together and have a lot of adventures both close to and far from home, but visiting Colorado has always been a dream of mine.

There were so many other events and people to be grateful for this year, but these are highlights that will shape the rest of my life.  I look forward to discovering what 2017 will bring!

What are you most grateful for this year?  


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