Boho Style // Intro

I recently wrote this post about my style rut.  Since then, I’ve been thinking about what style fits me best.  I have been browsing the internet and fashion magazines trying to decide what direction to take with my clothing choices.  

When I was really young, I loved a really eclectic and bold look.  I would try just about any style I came across- experimenting with black eyeshadow, crimping my hair, wearing knee high patterned socks or high healed sneakers… Then, as I transitioned to college age, I was more drown to a sophisticated, vintage elegance- I remember getting up early every morning freshman year to curl my hair.  Since college, I have gone through several style phases.  I’ve tried the classic look, salivated over rocky/edgy faux leather jackets, considered quirky hipster A-line dresses, worn looks straight out of outdoor magazines, and eventually fell into the comfort of my jeans and tees.

Considering my style now, I have to be realistic.  I am not going to put the time and work into achieving a vintage glam look, I get a bit bored with looks that are too classic, I’m not edgy enough to be rocker, and frills and whimsical patterns make me feel uncomfortably childish.  Then I thought, boho chic!  That’s a style that can be a little creative, a little polished, has an easy feel, and fits my casual lifestyle.

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My (lack of) Style

Once upon a time I wanted to become a fashion designer.  I could often be found scribbling designs in one of my many sketchbooks or excitedly binging on a Project Runway marathon.  I took risks with my style.  Pairing stripes with plaids, wearing outrageously bright sweaters, proudly donning a cheap dress purchased from a souvenir shop in Gatlinburg…

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less and less bold.  Also, due to my job, most of my life is spent in scrubs.  When I get home from work I often change right out of my scrubs into my pajamas.  Slowly my wardrobe has morphed into a uniform (much like my scrubs) of jeans and v-neck t-shirts.


Pictured above are the most worn items in my closet.  My only pair of jeans purchased from Old Navy’s online store since I need them long.  They are a medium wash bootcut jean that is probably a little too stretchy and that I noticed had a poorly sewn right front pocket a little too late.  The pocket sticks out of my right hip as if I had just pulled something out of it if I don’t remember to constantly tuck it back into place.

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