Feeling Like an Imposter


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One of the biggest challenges in my life right now is starting a job in a new career field.  It has been wonderfully rewarding and also terribly stressful.  Each day I have arrived at work both excited to share everything that I learned in two rigorous years at school and terrified that everyone will find out how “green” I still am.  Basically, I feel like a huge imposter.  

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2016 Goals

When this year began, I sat down and decided what my biggest goals would be.  I used a template I found here to make my own dry erase board out of an old picture frame to put my goals up on the wall of my bedroom.  Then I was reminded of my goals everyday as I worked toward them.  I also checked them off as I accomplished each one.


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Why Blog?

The past month has been busy, busy, busy!!!  We moved into a new apartment, started the holiday season (yes, I include Halloween), and things are rapidly changing with my career.  It would have been difficult for me to carve out time for this blog, and whenever I did stop to think about blogging, I wondered, “What’s the point?”

I go back and forth with motivation when blogging.  I can’t help but feel that blogging is somehow narcissistic and self absorbed.  I fear becoming a woman constantly absorbed with her looks or having a closet stuffed with barely worn clothes or drawers and drawers of makeup.  It also seems like it could easily become unnecessarily stressful busy work.  I worry about wasting time that could be better used elsewhere.  Life is already so challenging and full.  I also feel self-conscious.  What if someone in my ordinary life finds my blog?  What would they think?  Would it have a negative impact on my relationships or career?

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Blog Goals


So I’ve started thinking about what I want to accomplish with this new blog.  I really want to use this space as a tool to help me achieve my goals and enrich my life.  When I sat down and started brain storming, these are the goals I came up with:

// get fit // eat healthy // find my style // have a positive impact on the world // become more financially secure // live a fuller life // be more creative // have a grateful heart // be more confident

All of these goals are to create a healthier, more joyful, peaceful, and confident life.